About studios

Over the years, I have seen many artist spaces and hoped out loud, to have a custom studio space one day, and I admittedly often felt envious but I can honestly say, envious without resentment. We all have our stories and history, and get to where we need to be or should be at any given point in time by a whole series of predictable and unpredictable circumstances. As much as it has been within my power, I have tried to live my life by design, with intention and plans, committment, drive and determination, mixed with a little luck and reasonable health. I am almost 60 years old, it has taken a long time. I fully see myself creating until the day I die, so a studio space doesnt seem so much a luxury for me as it does a necessity. That said, a garage would work as well, and I have indeed created in garages over the years, and kitchen tables, and, in a closet while in college, and, when I was homeless,in a sketch book or loose leaf paper on top of my lap. When I had only a bedroom to work in, I created on top of my bed. In one year of my history, I had an art gallery/studio and in order to have it, I slept (illegally) in a tiny back room where I would roll out a carpet each night to sleep on. There was no kitchen so I had a hot plate and I ate top ramen, daily. Money was very tight. There was a bathroom with only a toilet so I had to get up early every morning and go to the gym to shower. That one year, was one of the hardest and happiest of my life. I have long been serious about the art full life. My point, I have witnessed plenty of studios, half the size and smaller than the one that is currently being built for me, where magic is no less created.

To quote Fred Babb, “Today my studio is in my garage. It is well lit and spacious. I am surrounded by what I do. The shelves are filled with art supplies of all kinds and the walls are covered with finished and unfinished pieces. I sit in my La-z-boy and think. I play music on my boom box and I paint. That is my studio as a physical space. BUT its much more than that. Its my refuge, a safe haven in a world full of distractions. Its where my true nature can breathe freely. The studio can allow you the space to view your SELF-the SELF that artists and philosophers have sought to catch glimpses of for centuries. But looking inside ourselves is not easy. It can be surprising, even scary. So, into our studio we lug heavy baggage filled with defenses that we carefully stack up to block the view. Its important that we take responsibility for putting these obstacles in place. For, when we do, it becomes clear to us that we alone can remove them. The simple words, “I am willing to see myself differently” are a powerful, healing statement. With this invitation to the creative process, your art will begin to flow. It flows because it is the natural expression of who you are. If what you make happens to please someone else thats great. But always make art to please yourself first.”

I am looking forward to the studio space facilitating an even greater flow and self discovery. In a field of possibilities, what will come from me? That is, if not transformational, magical. If I can not make magic, I will live the rest of my life trying to. Especially if Drumpf becomes president, I will go in there and never come out, I don’t think I could bare it. ha!

Sorry this is so long, these thoughts have been building up inside me and I needed to spew.