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Hello Sky

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Another day, another chance to get it right.

Wednesday Randomness

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I woke up with an itchy finger and I was stalked all night by the same damn evil dream and woke up on four separate occasions. It was the kind of dream that has a person flailing arms for real and or making noises, yet if I were to relay it, it sounds absurd and not scary at all except for the part when I am running naked, holding donut sticks through a glass enclosed lobby of a hotel (that is really scary, for anyone to witness).

Its only 61 degrees this morning, brrrrrrrrrr

I think dear husband scared off Mr. Duck one too many times as he has not been back in a few days.

Today will be a last minute dash to the bank. And a day to get stuff together for work tomorrow. And a day to walk the dogs. 😀 *~*~*~* And a day to get some mail out. A busy day I think. The energy is up a bit, with motivation just a jaunt behind.

The artista who makes Barbie jewelry art, Margaux Lange, has a blog, she has done some interesting things with whole Barbies too.

Margaux Lange

Midgemind blogspot

Feathered Friends, build your nests

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I started this Barbie with only the idea of wrapping her in string and seeing what occured to me as I went along, and I wasn’t to thrilled for most of the venture until I got to her head, and then she started revealing her feedback. As I started to weave in angelina fiber I began to think of her like a goddess figure or mother earth type metaphor and her strings and bits as material for bird nests. I posed her arms in a welcoming manner and I am content with the way she turned out. I may even do a few more. Yes, I might. do a few, more. Maybe.

You can see her bigger and with more detail by going to my flickr page…


Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Taught myself how to make a brush in photoshop yesterday. A new ability to add to the skill set.

my first brush 😀

Its 4:00 a.m.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Its 4:00 a.m. and I am wide awake. It wasn’t a restless night but one dream that awoke me, and now I can not remember what it was. All is still, I can not even hear the owl who usually breaks my day. I resisted turning on the news, so as to have this brief bit of time to think about how I want this day to unfold, and how that which I actually have control of will play out.

I wrote yesterday about the many things I did not accomplish or attempt to begin over the weekend. {“a very unproductive weekend in oh so many ways. I did not get any art made, did not go visit my parents, did not go grocery shopping, did not do chores, did not get the mail out, did not do taxes, did not answer emails, did not exercise, did not walk the dogs, did not bathe the dogs, did not diet, did not beat myself up about it and today I feel refreshed and content”}

Sometimes motivation is an illusive bird that just wants to glide high, and be free. Free of obligations or responsibilities. I understand this. But I still wonder why. I wonder why I am compelled to do any thing at all, I wonder why I feel such a strong need to create, and how there are many more people who just as soon not make a mess. Most of the women I have known during my life time were that way. while they put energy into decorating a bit, or occasionally crafting a thing, they were more preoccupied with a clean house and getting the grocery shopping done, more concerned with clothes or jewelry. I don’t have that in me. Its not that I don’t want the house to be clean, its that it isn’t my first thought upon awakening. My first thought is always what piece or project needs my attention and what do I have to do during the course of any given day, so I can get to it. The creating part. And that “creating part” is again the part that I wonder about, why do I feel compelled to get to it. These thoughts wove in and out of my consciousness over the weekend of little results and that is partly why so little was done or dealt with. I know its all okay, that nothing really matters and that its only time, and we are all on a limited junket anyway. and how I have had these thoughts so many times. I usually just shake them off and proceed. I know I have to create just like I have to breathe. Still, motivation was an illusive bird over the weekend, so be it.

I don’t feel quite so paralyzed today. There are some things that need to be done and I am going to take my time doing them, I am not going to be rushed about any thing and I am not going to resist that which I “have” to do. These words are more for me than they are for you reading them. Its just a way of adding conviction, attention and intention to the course of actions I plan to take today, and the attitude I will carry with me. If I proclaim the decision now, before the day unfolds, it is much more likely to happen that way.

Its now after 5:00 and its taken over an hour to write this little bit. A good way to begin the new day I think, and another chance to get it right.

Hello day, hello friends,

hello jello 😀

Barbie Redux

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Submitted by Susan Buchanan for the Barbie Redux exhibit, these show just how thouroughly Barbie can be transformed!

All Gurlzzzzzzzz

Friday, April 10th, 2009

I have work in this show~~~

AllGurlz FlyerWEB

A witty, sensuous, fun, moody & vibrant peek inside the minds of more than thirty female artists. With sculpture, paintings, mixed media and photography touching all the bases of art, the images sample the ying & yang of life, as only us gurlz know it. Featuring the art of: Alicia DeBrincat, Amanda Lockwood, Barbara Rockhold, DianaBlackwell, Diana Lynn, Diane Julia Flick, Edith Lebeau, Elizabeth Caffey, Elizabeth Henry, Elkemay, Emelia Wessel, Helena Tiainen, Isabel Samaras, Jan Watten, Janna Stern, Jeanne Rehrig, Jennifer Wildermuth ,Jessica Rosario, Laurie Hassold, Laurel Nathanson, Liz Amini-Holmes, Marie Soderlund, Marni Mutrux, MeiMei Everson, Michelle Waters, Mindi Yarbrough, Missy Feigum, Patricia Anders, Polly Mania, Sharyl Gates, Sheri DeBow, Stephanie Mufson Opening Reception: May 8th, 7-10 pm Book Signing & Closing Reception: June 20th, 6-8 pm. Artist Isabel Samaras, will be in the house to sign her new book, “On Tender Hooks”. Isabel Samaras’s quirky, sexy, pop-surrealist art has had a cult following for years—and now at long last her first monograph is here. Drawing her influence from classic TV shows and paintings by the Old Masters—for example riffing on Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa by replacing the figures with characters from Gilligan’s Island—Samaras has created a witty, erotic, and surreal body of work.


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

made paper dolls today, they wanted to be cats, so I said, okay, meow~~


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I think I’ll go to artfest next year. I suppose I should see what its all about fer me self. Maybe I’ll submit to teach.

I so slept in today. Got up at 8:00!!, I usually climb out of the covers about 5:00 a.m. puggies were waiting patiently for their food and insulin fix. Their inner clocks are always right on.

It seems like Americans are going to have to turn their ships into battleships, pirates hijacking is preposterous, its like the wild wild west on water.

Did I mention that Adam Lambert rocked the AI house 😀 !!!!!!!!

When he sang ring of fire I became a fan, of course, how can I resist someone who looks like Elvis and sings like Freddy Mercury.  wonderful!

Kinda thinkin I need to get an iphone. For one reason. the keyboard!! sooooo much better than the tiny keys of my crackberry.

I’ll be adding more randomness throughout the day today, I think. Maybe. Yes.

Nature in my back yard

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sleep was my friend last night, feel ready to be.

Was cleaning off the book shelf, just in case I come across receipts I need for tax purposes ( yes, I am not organized) and found an old sketch book. Browsing through I found this pic of my son when he was a leetle guy taped into the inside cover, and I like the way I taped the fortune cookie strip underneath, feels like collage art to me and a sweet reminder of my muse and my sentiments past and present.

Greeted by Mr and Mrs Duck again this morning, they have quite taken to our pool and are frequenting it on a daily basis, I feel like Tony Soprano.  Hubby dosn’t appreciate their calling cards however and told me to shoo them away. But eh, no can do, they are far to charming. I suspect that once they find their way back to the local lake from whence they came and where their playmates hang out they will have no use for our humble body of water and I will have no anxiety about that. 😀 After all, there are plenty of other chirpy friends hanging out in our trees and dipping into my home made birth bath and squirrels traipsing across our fences, and of course the neighbor’s black cat, Mr. Mestopholese who keeps two keen eyes on every tree or bush that rustles. Every year, a pair of love doves will nest up in our pergola and we get to see their sweet babies, one of which will meet its demise from a premature fall out of the very poorly made, flimsy nests that they always make. If we are really lucky the weaver birds will return and build one of their awe inspiring baskets to house their off spring and keep them safe from the hawks that circle high over head and the crows that cackle at them as they perch on the very tip top of the pine trees. Last year, we had a sweet little bunny take up residence in the bushes of our front yard, eating some tasty leaves amongst the variety of delectable greenery at hand. DH didn’t mind the rabbit so much but hates the adorable little gopher who popped his head up one afternoon to see just who it was attempting to block his way and messing up his plans to wreck more havoc on the Hub’s vast and babied green lawn.  And, Occasionally, in the wee hours of the morn, I will hear the neighborhood coyotes crooning their eerie tunes, and when walking the pugs, I might have a rare glimpse of the local family of majestic deers who have ventured off their beaten path for some reason. So, you see, I have plenty of critters to keep me company and entertained, just need to get some red sugar water so the hummingbirds will grace me with their visits again. Oh, and, well, PUGS of course. Pugs rule.

Okay, must get printer back in working order.  Feeling purdee competent about researching and learning what I need to do to get it back in first rate production mode.

Errrrr. Must. do. taxes.