Oh well

Feeling bad cuz I havn’t been blogging but I also havn’t been creating either, just too much to do this time of year.

I will finish my Christmas cards today and get out a few more packages, and finish Christmas cookies. One more gift to purchase and then done, over and done, with the Christmas shopping, not a single thing, no matter how much on sale, could get me back into a mall for the next four weeks!

I tell ya, its taking a very concerted effort to not be grouchy when out buying, people bump into me like I’m not there! and Leaving the parking lot of a  very busy grocery store yesterday three people almost hit me!! One person whipped out backwards from their parking space very fast without looking, another person rounded the corner at about forty miles per hour oblivious to me and yakking on the phone as if there were not another soul in the whole parking area, and as I rounded the corner on the block where I live, a person in the cross section didn’t stop to look for oncoming traffic and was going to go straight through for heavens sake, a car accident could ruin anyone’s holiday. Everyone is rushing and on their cell phones while doing it, that lethal combination means its time to slow down, its dangerous out there!!

The Christmas Spirit I saw in the Grocery store yesterday

Except she is missing her cell phone.

Today a RAK PAK goes out in the mail as my way of paying forward the unexpected surprise I recieved from SAMMO, (see last post). I feel  very excited about it!

So, dear readers, TAKE IT EASY!! slow down, be mindful, if not for your sake, for mine,  I mean, others ;D

Peace out———–!

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6 Responses to “Oh well”

  1. Carla Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

    LOok forward to seeing more of your incredible work in the upcoming year 2008!!

  2. Patricia Anders Says:

    Back atcha Carla I am also looking forward to more of your creations!

  3. Sue Pieper Says:

    The other day we were driving down a road that is the main strip of malls in the area, the traffic was horendous and the parking lots exactly as you described-awful!  But it’s almost over, whew!  Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and you’re certainly going to make someone very happy with that RAK, she’s gorgeous!

  4. Patricia Anders Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Sue!! hopefully you are done shopping!

    I just posted a pic of the Rak piece the other one was a doodle or a study…

    Many blessings in 08!!

  5. Sue Pieper Says:

    That was a doodle?  You”re too funny!  I sure wish I could doodle like that-lol!  The RaK piece is cool, and I’m sure either that or the doodle would be loved:)

  6. Patricia Anders Says:

    heh, no really it was done on a piece of scrap watercolor paper! Hope you are haveing a cozy merry merry!