Megan Noel

I adore good snail mail and yesterday’s mail was the best, a surprise from Megan Noel who is just one of the most thoughtful of person’s I have been lucky to meet online. Along with a Mark Ryden image post card from the Yak series which she knows I love, one of her wonderful, paintings titled “Winterscape”. The sweetest little canvas I have ever seen. The image, in the signature style that she has developed and explored for quite a while now. If it were not signed I would still know it was by her hand. Carefully applied and thought out, what always strikes me most about her work is how I can envision the love of painting with each stroke applied. Its the pure joy of creating, of applying the paint that comes through to me. The meticulous mindful care and focus, the same as that seen her delicate and refined bead work. If you aren’t familiar with her art check out her website: Megan Noel

xoxo my sweet friend!!


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