Baby Dove Dies

I know this is not art related but I feel like I should follow up about the dove and I promise to be back on the art track by this afternoon!

Baby Dove died last night. I saw it an hour earlier and it was opening its beak over and over and I thought it was hungry so I checked dove cam and it appeared that the momma or the male dove (who helps with feeding) had fed it about an hour earlier, but I guess it just wasn’t enough food, and the feeding had been infrequent and sporadic. I went online and found that I could feed it diluted gerber high protein baby food and I was going to go to the store and get it and try to feed it and bring it in from outside because it was too cold out and momma dove had not been sleeping with it to keep it warm. According to what I read it needed to be in 85 to 90 degree warmth, so they said use a light. by the time I went out to retrieve it (it was about an hour only) it had ants all over it and was dead. I cried a bit because I felt so bad that I failed to read all the indicators and should have read the detailed instructions sooner. I kept seeing its little beak opening and closing, which now I realize meant it was dying. I think I should not have put the nest on the ground but I was nervous that it would fall down from the pergola again, but I think the momma would have slept with it if I had left it in the pergola, maybe she was confused and thought it was at the stage where it was ready to fly because it was on the ground. I don’t know but it was really sad. If it ever happens again I will know exactly what to do, I mean those mourning doves nest about six times a year and have used the pergola over the years often. Anyway I wish I could quit thinking about it.

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5 Responses to “Baby Dove Dies”

  1. Nina Says:

    I came to check in on the dove. Sad but it’s not your fault Tricia. It’s hard to know what an animal needs. Maybe you can allow it to live on by painting it. I know you feel bad – sorry Tricia.

  2. tricia Says:

    thank you NIna, I really wanted to save it, it was so sweet and vulnerable and I feel a little silly about making a big deal about it but I can’t deny that its bothered me so much.

  3. Nina Says:

    It’s life and life is beautiful. Nothing silly about that.

  4. Denise Says:

    I’m sorry Tricia – you have such a kind heart! The poor little guy was most likely dehydrated. Not enough food also means not enough water. I took a fledgling to the SPCA this spring and they took him in and hooked him up to an I.V. He had gotten out of the nest too soon just like your little bird. :o(
    Hugs to you!

  5. Tricia Says:

    Thank you Denise!