Random whining

Its been a sucky painting day. I hate to say that because I have not painted in weeks, but it seems like I always have to have a day or two of struggles before I can get back into the groove. Le Muse is being mighty naughty in absentia (sp) but I will not give in or give up.

In addition to not being amused by the missing muse I have burning elbow. What is that you say? all night, very achey, maybe its something like arthritis and its only on my painting arm, so fun, in addition to sucky painting, its sucky painting in pain!

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6 Responses to “Random whining”

  1. judah Says:

    I think it *is* quiet all around…I’ve noticed it on my own blog, but I kinda figured that was due to my being gone part-time.

    As a possible jump start for your muse, I *highly* recommend picking up a magazine called CoilHouse. While it’s not solely a visual arts magazine, it’s a very visual magazine that I think you’d enjoy!


  2. Eve Noir Says:

    That IS a bummer about the giveaway! I think my last giveaway was like that…I was like WTH?!? Had to beg people practically, lol.

    Sorry about the sucky painting day too. I started a painting yesterday and had a HUGE mindblock until earlier today. But yeah I hate that feeling too.

    Take care and hope your elbow feels better asap!

  3. tricia Says:

    well, I’m not the best blogger and not so good at blog hopping, and in fact its been a while since I visited yours 🙁 gonna take a peek NOW, I have missed you online. Anyway will check out the mag, you always find the best stuff!

  4. tricia Says:

    thank you Eve!!

  5. judah Says:

    Well, you know, a lot of the time my public blog is much the same as my other one (which you’re already at)…so there’s not a lot of need for hopping. But then there are times when I really don’t have much to say, and I just tend to go to my public space to update, since I’m not talking about anything of personal import…and the “personal import” parts are kind of few and far between at the moment….though not in a bad way! (well, except the one I just posted elsewhere yesterday regarding finances….WTH??)

    That makes no sense whatsever, does it?

  6. tricia Says:

    makes sense to me, cuz I do the same thing!