Falling Figments, redux

falling figments redux

I’ve been revisiting some older paintings and trying to figure out why they didn’t sell. Been re-adjusting, for more interest, this is one. I am happy I re-worked some areas.

Been sketching out some compositions for a commission, a very pretty woman and a bunny. I don’t usually do commissions, I simply can not bear someone tell me I need a little more blue in this corner, or more this, less that or or or. Nope, won’t play that. But, this patron has agreed to full artistic license, my terms, that will be fun.


3 Responses to “Falling Figments, redux”

  1. Eve Says:

    I like the painting! I rework things too at times…and it usually works out.

    Too funny I am working on a commissioned piece too, it’s my very first one. I would like to see yours when completed…do you know how long it’s going to take? The woman who commissioned my piece is also giving me a lot of freedom. She gave me a few things she wanted but overall I have free reign. I was wondering (in your opinion) if you think it would be best to show her the piece before I say “IT’S DONE” (although it’s almost done)…just in case she wanted to do some minor tweaking? I don’t know too many artists that have done commissions so whatever advice you have would be appreciated. =)

  2. tricia Says:

    Hi Eve!

    If you show it to your patron before its completed, you are asking her for her opinion about what you should do, a non artist telling YOU the artist, what to do. If that is okay with you, then why not, however be prepared that she may not even like the changes she asked for and then ask you to make changes again.

    For me, when I think it is done, i will wait for a week or two, and revisit it with fresh eyes, then decide for myself if its finished or not. I also, require a non refundable deposit. I do not want to spend my time doing something for someone only for them to decide after I am done that they do not want it, this is why I am working on preliminary sketches and letting the patron view the sketches to make any commentary ahead of time, things about composition or ideas. Once she has approved the sketches, the remaining decisions are mine, and will be based on my aesthetics., and I will have fun doing it. Hope you do too!!

  3. Eve Says:

    Thanks for your advice Tricia. That’s a good idea-waiting a week or two. Good luck & have fun working on yours as well!