Mixed Media artist Jen Worden ( mentions the inspireing work of artist Lisa Kokin (

I watched the emmys last night, have to admit, I rarely watch sitcomsand for example, I’ve never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives or the Sopranos. These shows just don’t interest me, although I think I will buy the Sopranos on dvd partly because there are no commercials.  I record just about any program that I want to see so I can zip right through commercials which irritate the heck out of me except for maybe the Target adds ;). House would be the only sitcom I actually have knowledge of and occasionally I watch wife swap which fascinates me because I see how people get so stuck on their own way of existing in and viewing the world around them. Anyway,  I have to admit that I like to watch award shows so I can see the dresses, and there were some very elegant dresses but few that I think had that wow factor. America Ferrar (?)  wore an eye catching blue  dress that made me think of pure pigment. Speaking of fashion a friend recently mentioned the Betsy Johnson Spring 08 collection which is full of whimsey and charm, reminds me of playing dress up in old prom dresses when I was a kid,  what fun.

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  1. bonnihall Says:

    the buttonworks by Lisa Kokin are absolutely amazing…really liked the book collages as well…thanks for sharing…:):):)