post valentines day gratitudes

I was, eep, a bit spoiled on Valentines day. And quite bummed that the gift I ordered for my hub still hasn’t arrived! very bad!!!!

early in the day love came from my brother in the form of chocolate covered strawberries, oh my. so sweet.

and a little later these beautiful roses from my hub, so colorful and happy inducing.

its good to be loved! I know a lot of people hate valentines day, but it really doesn’t have to be commercial, a person can write a poem (free!) or bake a treat (heart shaped cookies), or make a card or do a favor, or make a meal, there are so many ways to show love!

My friend Quin almost made it over earlier in the week to help make valentine cookies I wanted to send some to the grand kidlets but we both just got side tracked, delayed and tired 🙁 we tried to get together and make cookies before the Christmas holiday as well and the same thing happened. LOL, so now I am thinking about getting together for the st patricks day holiday and making four leaf clover cookies! ha, anyway you look at it, we are baking a lot of cookies in our mind!

I know this isn’t art or about art but art and life do overlap and intertwine. Gratititudes make everything better.

Speaking of gratitudes (yes I made that word up) I am very grateful for the art lovers in my world and I sent valentine cards to only a small portion of my mailing list, I just plain ran of time, so don’t be surprised if you get a belated valentine, I figure its never to late to spread the love.

I’m determined to get some art made today or started or finished, (like cookies, I have made a lot of art in my mind !)

have a great day reader of tricia blog.

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