The big one, wip

It is nearly done, the size is so much bigger than I have become use to, I didn’t realize quite how much time and effort it would take. I am enjoying it but I am at that point where little else is getting done in my efforts to finish. I am a little undecided about how to handle the bottom half. I won’t be able to take a good pic of it until its hanging on the living room wall, so for now, just a quick semi focused off angled view from my iphone.

2 Responses to “The big one, wip”

  1. sukey Says:

    when looking at this my first thought was Mark Ryden and then with next post i see you are a big fan of his. this a.m i watched a video (youtube?) of him painting girl with the pink meat skirt! funny how his work is so male and yours is female. keep up the good work.

  2. admin Says:

    Sukey, thank you so much! Yes a big fan, I admire his technical ability and funny kitschy choices for imagery and my all time favorite is the girl in the meat dress. LOVE it!! I think I posted the video on my blog somewhere, need to go back and revisit!! xo