A Lesson from the amaryllis plant

Last November I sent a handful of friends some amaryllis bulbs that I had propagated and if you have been following my blog you know I am absolutely smitten with this flower. So I wanted to share some of the joy of the experience, although I wasn’t all that convinced that any of the peeps would actually plant the bulb, so this morning I am completely overjoyed to see that after nearly 6 months, my friend Luna’s has blossomed into this beauty:

From the bulb that Tricia Joy gave me.

And she writes so eloquently about the experience:

“This picture was taken Sunday. The bulb that Tricia Joy gave me last fall was a lesson in patience and hope. We planted that bulb along with the bulb that Julie’s boyfriend Matt gave us for Christmas at the same time. Matt’s amaryllis bulb grew tall and blossomed beautifully, a stalk of 4 beautiful blooms. The other bulb did not. It appeared that it would not grow at all. But suddenly, one day, after Matt’s amaryllis had bloomed and wilted, we noticed a tiny bit of green, fingernail sized, on the side of the other bulb. It didn’t seem to grow much for another two weeks, Then almost overnight leaves shot up and then the stalks, The stalk that is blooming has 4 buds and has opened to this lovely red bloom. There is ANOTHER stalk of buds on which it appears there are 2 buds. What a thrill for us. Amaryllis has taught me a lesson in hope, to keep on hoping that in spite of appearances there may be growth and bloom that will happen when the time is right and when as Anais Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This is so true of some of the families/individuals I’ve counseled over the years. It happens when the time and conditions are right, all I can do is provide water to thirsty spirits, and bring light as I am able to their darkness. It’s up to them to do the growing and blooming. Amaryllis teach about dreams as well. We have dreams that we think will never be realized, yet if we hang on and don’t just toss the pot, but continue to nurture them and watch, the time will come when it is just too painful not to change from dormancy and blossom. I do have dreams, tightly coiled in the bulb, waiting for the right time and the right soil, the right amount of warmth and light to be able to bloom, I will continue to lovingly nurture them and wait with anticipation for the day that they will become reality. But perhaps like the Amaryllis they ARE a reality that just isn’t visible to my human eyes as of yet. Each dream is like an Amaryllis bulb, containing the unseen explosion of color and beauty. It occurs to me that these dreams are already working to come forth in a reality that is better than what I could have expected, worth the waiting, and patience. I took another picture of the amaryllis this morning, the second bloom opened last night. I can hardly wait for the other buds to open. Patience….patience…


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