Shabby chic

Here you have the shabbiest of shabby chic, I love it.

shabby chic

Shabby, shabby chic

How can you not love soup that has all these fresh herbs floating on top and a squirt of lemon. That would be Pho noodle soup. If only I could find some star anise somewhere.

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3 Responses to “Shabby chic”

  1. Nina Says:

    Oh I have some star anise in my cupboard! You’re a little too far away for me to walk it over however.

    Do you have a recipe for the soup? I want to make!

  2. Tricia Anders Says:

    oh you lucky duck!

    I think you will love this soup. I don’t have a recipe, the first couple of times I followed a video on you tube. I’ll see if I can find it again and post the link. Its a little time consuming, but make enough for a couple days :D~~

  3. Tricia Anders Says:

    Nina here is a link to a tutorial on you tube, its not the one I learned from, I couldn’t find it, but its basically the same~~

    When shopping for the ingredients, go to the asian food section at the grocery store, thats where you will find the rice noodles. I love the rice noodles because unlike pasta noodles they don’t swell and get super soft. Be sure to buy the sriacha as it adds a lot of flavor. Hope you give it a try and enjoy it!