Messed Up Grls

I did a double shift at work today and it was slow enought that I was able to finish two ornies. I call these two Messed Up Grls because they look as if they just rose from a swamp


4 Responses to “Messed Up Grls”

  1. Kim Schuster Says:

    At one point you had directions on how you made your Ornies, is that still somewhere?  I think I would like to try making my own since I can never seem to be able to purchase one of yours as they are always sold out.

    thank you


  2. Patricia Anders Says:


    I’m going to create a little video clip this weekend and I’ll link it here.

    your name is familiar, you have bought something from me yes? refresh my memory please….

  3. Km Schuster Says:

    Good.  I have never not  purchased anything from you, I have made several inquiries but am always a day late and a dollor short as they say, but one day I will be first in line to purchase an ornie, unless I was the first with the response for the pirate doll? 

  4. Patricia Anders Says:

    I’m thrilled you won the ornie Kim!!