Nature in my back yard

Sleep was my friend last night, feel ready to be.

Was cleaning off the book shelf, just in case I come across receipts I need for tax purposes ( yes, I am not organized) and found an old sketch book. Browsing through I found this pic of my son when he was a leetle guy taped into the inside cover, and I like the way I taped the fortune cookie strip underneath, feels like collage art to me and a sweet reminder of my muse and my sentiments past and present.

Greeted by Mr and Mrs Duck again this morning, they have quite taken to our pool and are frequenting it on a daily basis, I feel like Tony Soprano.  Hubby dosn’t appreciate their calling cards however and told me to shoo them away. But eh, no can do, they are far to charming. I suspect that once they find their way back to the local lake from whence they came and where their playmates hang out they will have no use for our humble body of water and I will have no anxiety about that. 😀 After all, there are plenty of other chirpy friends hanging out in our trees and dipping into my home made birth bath and squirrels traipsing across our fences, and of course the neighbor’s black cat, Mr. Mestopholese who keeps two keen eyes on every tree or bush that rustles. Every year, a pair of love doves will nest up in our pergola and we get to see their sweet babies, one of which will meet its demise from a premature fall out of the very poorly made, flimsy nests that they always make. If we are really lucky the weaver birds will return and build one of their awe inspiring baskets to house their off spring and keep them safe from the hawks that circle high over head and the crows that cackle at them as they perch on the very tip top of the pine trees. Last year, we had a sweet little bunny take up residence in the bushes of our front yard, eating some tasty leaves amongst the variety of delectable greenery at hand. DH didn’t mind the rabbit so much but hates the adorable little gopher who popped his head up one afternoon to see just who it was attempting to block his way and messing up his plans to wreck more havoc on the Hub’s vast and babied green lawn.  And, Occasionally, in the wee hours of the morn, I will hear the neighborhood coyotes crooning their eerie tunes, and when walking the pugs, I might have a rare glimpse of the local family of majestic deers who have ventured off their beaten path for some reason. So, you see, I have plenty of critters to keep me company and entertained, just need to get some red sugar water so the hummingbirds will grace me with their visits again. Oh, and, well, PUGS of course. Pugs rule.

Okay, must get printer back in working order.  Feeling purdee competent about researching and learning what I need to do to get it back in first rate production mode.

Errrrr. Must. do. taxes.

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