I think I’ll go to artfest next year. I suppose I should see what its all about fer me self. Maybe I’ll submit to teach.

I so slept in today. Got up at 8:00!!, I usually climb out of the covers about 5:00 a.m. puggies were waiting patiently for their food and insulin fix. Their inner clocks are always right on.

It seems like Americans are going to have to turn their ships into battleships, pirates hijacking is preposterous, its like the wild wild west on water.

Did I mention that Adam Lambert rocked the AI house 😀 !!!!!!!!

When he sang ring of fire I became a fan, of course, how can I resist someone who looks like Elvis and sings like Freddy Mercury.  wonderful!

Kinda thinkin I need to get an iphone. For one reason. the keyboard!! sooooo much better than the tiny keys of my crackberry.

I’ll be adding more randomness throughout the day today, I think. Maybe. Yes.

2 Responses to “Random”

  1. Clarissa Callesen Says:

    Hi Patricia, I second your thought about Artfest! Just returned myself and had another amazing year. I think your work and energy would be a good addition ! Love what you do to Barbie!!

  2. tricia Says:

    Clarissa, I’ll look forward then to meeting you next year!