Wednesday Randomness

I woke up with an itchy finger and I was stalked all night by the same damn evil dream and woke up on four separate occasions. It was the kind of dream that has a person flailing arms for real and or making noises, yet if I were to relay it, it sounds absurd and not scary at all except for the part when I am running naked, holding donut sticks through a glass enclosed lobby of a hotel (that is really scary, for anyone to witness).

Its only 61 degrees this morning, brrrrrrrrrr

I think dear husband scared off Mr. Duck one too many times as he has not been back in a few days.

Today will be a last minute dash to the bank. And a day to get stuff together for work tomorrow. And a day to walk the dogs. 😀 *~*~*~* And a day to get some mail out. A busy day I think. The energy is up a bit, with motivation just a jaunt behind.

The artista who makes Barbie jewelry art, Margaux Lange, has a blog, she has done some interesting things with whole Barbies too.

Margaux Lange

Midgemind blogspot


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