Let Them eat Cake!

The Queen of France

the queen of France Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

marie antoinette

Marie was not hard to make but a little tedious (I am not a big fan of sewing or small bead work) Her dress is an altered dress, since my sewing skills and lack of sewing machine prevent me from making one from “scratch”, still its altered quite a lot from the original and works well as a big dress for that time in history.

I have another Marie in mind, to be made from paper mache, a medium I am more comfortable with than fabric, although I like fabric as a paintable moldable medium that isn’t sewn.

I’m trying to finish up a couple of Octopi for The Folk Tree show in July.

Today, I treat myself to a hair cut, its been about six months and over do ! =D


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  1. mavis Says:

    i love marie!