I’m delighted that yesterday is over. My energy was so low that all I could do was think about what I wanted to do. So, it was one of those just existing kind of days which is probably okay if that is ones intention.

My hub wants to invite people over for dinner sunday which means today will be filled with cleaning and prepping, not quite what I had in mind. 

My easel arrived yesterday, box open and base missing.  blegh

while I don’t get many comments here on my blog,  mostly I think because its not part of a blogging community, I do, oddly enough, often get emails.  Check out Karin Skiba’s website: 

I just discovered that melissa (of Erratica Zine) posted pics of the package I made up for her from the Secret Santa swap I hosted last year, she did such a lovely job I thought I would show it here:

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