Free Falling

I had somewhat troubled dreams but in the end I was floating without fear as I dropped off a very tall cliff pointing my toes down towards a large body of water far below as I escaped law enforcement.

Way back in the early nineties when I was involved with a man who would toy with my emotions I constantly had flying dreams. I would fly in all ways imaginable and it always felt real in that state between wake and sleep. I remember sketching one of those dreams where I soared up to the sky from the ground and large flying leeches were trying to hang and attach to me. I think that intuitively, my subconscious knew that the guy was a big blood sucking life leech. He stayed with me to satisfy his ego requirements but his fear of intimacy prevented a real loving connection and I was not saavy enough to get away early on when I should have. Still, lesson learned and it prepared me to not accept the same sort of behavior from any one else later on.

The leech dream would make a good painting. 😀

have you ever painted a dream, or a nightmare?

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