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Fed Ex

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Fed Ex arrived with a sweet bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day from my very sentimental brother. Its good to be loved. I hope all the mommas out there are duly honored, after all, you wouldn’t be here without one.


Small mini pale apricot colored roses, adorable.

At the base, forms for my watermelon birds in three dee

Based on a dream I had, where I saw a batch of watermelon birds flying right at me in full color.

I designed my piece for the Canteen Gallery in Canada with them in mind. You see the watermelon birds spitting their black seeds at a naked impostor!

watermelon birds

I plan to do a painting as well, but the birdies will have human faces.

the best thing about being an artist; letting your imagination go where it will…

And everything else too, cuz for me nothing is quite as wonderful as living the art full life.

Especially on a gorgeous southern California day like today, what a gift!