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Monday, August 10th, 2009

I must be experiencing some sort of Barbie Redux anti climatic blues, as I have done next to nothing for the past three days. My studio is a discombobulated disaster zone, the bedroom has clothes all over the floor, the bathrooms need cleaning, the dining room table is covered, dust bunnies are coming out of the woodwork and and and and and. I sit, at the puter, somewhat zombiefied. I want to paint but feel guilty doing it when so many other things need my attention. Ideas are bubbling now that I am free to paint again, I have missed it so!! Like a friend I have not seen for six months!! I need to smell some linseed oil and turpentine!!

I usually have more of a variety of projects going at once but Barbie had me under her synthetic spell!

Still, already got notice about Christmas ornaments from the FOlk Tree and I would like to get that done for once early, then there is our annual Day of the Dead show. Next month, One of our artist members will do a Brazilian themed show and I am really looking forward to that. The gallery membership has decided to offer up a different way of guest artists show, that is a 20.00 jury fee but instead of the gallery keeping 50% we are going to keep 20%, so that percentage is very generous for any guest artists and perhaps more compelling to participate.

I’m thinking about what I might do for next year as a theme, if I do anything that is.

I watched Doc Christiane Northrup last night on life for peri menopausal and menopausal women, and it sure requires a lot of discipline, lets just say it sucks, getting old sucks. The only real discipline I have had the past few years has been for making the art and now it seems I absolutely must put myself first and so, tomorrow I am going to sign up for Curves. gah the sound of it bugs me. And I must totally control inflammation inducing consumption, very little sugar. I want to have a good attitude about so I keep telling myself that I will have better energy for creating and I will lose weight. Tomorrow I will just start.

Today I saw a documentary about artist Alice Neel. She was kind of a kook, I mean eccentric. Alice Neel Its interesting how her life and choices affected her children. I remember reading about the artist Louise Nevelson and she said that she could never marry because she was married to her art. It can be a selfish thing.