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Envy, Out of the Blue Films

Monday, November 29th, 2010


Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Several weeks ago I entered a contest over at Red Ravine, you might remember this drawing

the contest was for Out of the Blue Films ( creates exceptional documentaries on important social issues that ignite positive action and promote open dialogue. Our mission is to foster the production of documentaries, feature films and web content of the highest caliber and widest reach; to tell inspiring stories that explore, articulate, educate, and celebrate humanity).

They are doing a documentary called Envy

“A bold, insightful, and humorous feature-length documentary on the causes and consequences of that most corrosive human emotion: ENVY.”

They have created an Envy website Its exciting to receive “Honorable Mention” but I didn’t hesitate to tell them that while its great to receive honorable mention I did indeed ENVY the person who won the Kindle!!