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Sunday, December 5th, 2010


Pug Tales

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Off to take girl pug to the vet her eye has been oozing for three days and is really red on the bottom lid, I think she may have scratched it because she is always rubbing her little face into stuff to satisfy and itchy nose I suspect. Been worried but did not want to take her to emergency (why do things happen to my pugs on holidays all the time!!!)

Update on Sassy the girlie pug,: has a deep hole in her cornea. 🙁 I have to give her eye drops five times a day until Friday then the vet will check to see if it is healing on its own. If it isn’t he will have to do some surgery by pulling up her “third eye lid” and sewing it over he buggie pug eye (pug eyes protrude)and keep it covered like a bandaide for three weeks while it heals with antibiotic drops. If it dosn’t heal, which may happen because the hole is so deep, then they remove the eye and sew it shut. I am not looking forward to the eye drops five times a day because girl pug is the squirmiest most resistant pug ever!