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Bravo’s Work of Art Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

No blog prompt today just your basic yakity yak about…

I feel good because I had a sound night’s sleep! I am rested AND, stress free because we will be traveling no where on this Thanksgiving eve! I am not fond of traveling unless its for some foreign or exotic adventure to a place I’ve never been. I’m happy to see family but I rather they do the traveling and I do the cooking 😀 But this year no one is coming over and we are going out to a restaurant since we have no kitchen sink, its in the process of being replaced. I won’t need to cook or clean, YAY! for no pressure holidays. Anyway, I try to be thankful/grateful daily, its a way of life and I’m no Pollyanna, but a mantra of positivity and appreciation can only be good. If you are traveling, my best wishes for a safe and swift trip and a memorable drama free Thanksgiving dinner!

Tonight, a serious bit of fluff entertainment, my guilty pleasure WOA!! It probably won’t be nearly as entertaining without the amusing “Sucklord”, but we’ll see! love to hear your thoughts if you watch it…*edit* not back on till 11/30

Today I’ll be packing and printing as I have recently made a few art sales. Then a bit of cleaning and walking the pugsters. I attached a coupler to their leash so seeing eye dog sassy could take the lead for blind boy, Balthazar. It works great!

Yesterday on our walk, in the midst of all green there is a single orange leafed tree, it looks like its on fire! What a stunning tree it is, and you can’t tell in this photo but the leaves are nearly neon in their coloration and glow, so so pretty! Nature can truly be a work of art 😀

Life’s gifts, like a flaming orange tree, so much to be thankful for!

The Art Full Life

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

So, I have this idea of owning a property that we could use as a bed and breakfast/retreat type place where I could do small intimate art workshops filtered in with guest artists and or just guests who want to get away for a weekend. It would be a “lifestyle” retreat with an intent of “green” living to include fresh home grown vegetables, and all things handmade/home made and activities that focus on art full living. Its something that I have thought about for years really and need to refine and define the idea which is partly determined by the type of location we are able to acquire. So, we (the hubster and our two pugnacious fur kids) set out to hopefully find something that could accommodate that vision and idea over the past two days..

First of all, we are home no less than one day early.

Taking the pugs with us to the Bay area was not a brilliant idea. It could have been. Had said pugs cooperated. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Sniffing, snorting, snoring, panting, whining and carrying on like they were in complete peril, meant two nights of NO sleep. Seriously, the first night we stayed at a hotel and left the dogs in their crates in the room. As soon as I closed the door so we could venture out to have some dinner I heard a long, guttural screech the likes of which I had never heard before. Over and over. We went back in, reassured alpha male and repositioned the crates and it seemed like he calmed down a bit. However, when we returned, we could hear him crying inside and don’t know if he spent the whole time crying. Just awful. They do not like crates, I guess because I have never really used them much since I don’t go out much or take my dogs with me when I do. no amount of coaxing would convince them to like their crates and I had to keep them by me on the side of the bed outside of their crates all night. They remained restless and noisy especially the little girl pug who panted so loudly and long she hyperventilated, she would not relax. The panting drove me nutty and sleepless for two nights while boy dog snored, like a grown man. Never again. No traveling pugs. ever. again!!!
This is sassy thinking: “I just wanna go home”.

On day one we saw one property. Full of charm but a bit too rustic. Still, a beautiful setting were it not for the various abandoned vehicles and falling down structures en route to the oasis. The property had a creek on it surrounded by redwoods, (like Big Basin), a long private drive leading to a story book moss covered bridge with an underground two car garage built into the hillside that fits 1920s model ts !! cute! Little moss covered steps lead up to the main cabin which was surprisingly spacious, clean and well taken care of. The owners were humble, lovely people who spent great time over the six years that they had the place fixing it up from neglect and restoring it to its original integrity. There were two adorable adjacent cabins and a shed for the generators that power the property. All in all the property could house up to eight people. It had a very retreat feeling to it, but I could only see myself there for brief periods of time mostly due to how damp and dark it was, and I feel sure I would get S.A.D. because I need more light more often. There was no room to expand to include a green house or workshop, and flowers and vegetables would not grow on the property due to too much shade. While I am interested in green living I am not interested in washing clothes by hand, there are just some conveniences I don’t want to sacrifice. 🙁

Little Old Pugs

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

one is 12 and the other is ten

Pug Love

Sunday, December 5th, 2010



Thursday, October 21st, 2010


12 x 40 ”
A bit more glazing and a splash of glitter to glam her up and she will be good to go.

My take on Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton’s wonderful story. For a show in Detroit called Cindy Lou Who’s Holiday show, based on holiday tv shows or movies. Next, grown up Cindy Lou Who.

Normally on Thursdays I would be packing up to go to the gallery. I am pleased that I don’t have to make the hour long trek, although I did enjoy being at the gallery, the long commute was wearisome.

It seems that every year at this time, I’m tortured with thoughts of my Bro, still can not believe his is gone.

Glad to be holed up in our cozy home, so glad to have a home, and glad pugs are healthy albeit stinky. Wish I could get them to smell like flowers, since they live in my studio, but they always smell like dogs.

Pug Tales

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Off to take girl pug to the vet her eye has been oozing for three days and is really red on the bottom lid, I think she may have scratched it because she is always rubbing her little face into stuff to satisfy and itchy nose I suspect. Been worried but did not want to take her to emergency (why do things happen to my pugs on holidays all the time!!!)

Update on Sassy the girlie pug,: has a deep hole in her cornea. 🙁 I have to give her eye drops five times a day until Friday then the vet will check to see if it is healing on its own. If it isn’t he will have to do some surgery by pulling up her “third eye lid” and sewing it over he buggie pug eye (pug eyes protrude)and keep it covered like a bandaide for three weeks while it heals with antibiotic drops. If it dosn’t heal, which may happen because the hole is so deep, then they remove the eye and sew it shut. I am not looking forward to the eye drops five times a day because girl pug is the squirmiest most resistant pug ever!


Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Wish I could say they are mine, my brother breeds them, I am so in love

The little milk belly just keels me


From left Lil Girl, Astroman and Rocket man!

Uggs n puggs

Monday, March 1st, 2010

I dunno, I couldn’t resist this

Uggs and Puggs

I ordered these slippers last Thursday, they arrived fast from Zappos. Got the hubster a pair as well in a different style for his birthday he is a leap year baby. Uggs hold up well and are super comfy.

Pug Love

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

pug love

On this the eve of Valentines Day I give you Sassafras and Balthazar who have been together for about ten years now. They love each other even though they fight over rice cakes now and then.

Pug luv

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009