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coffee table and Brunswick

Friday, March 4th, 2011

We have needed a coffee table for so long, and the only coffee tables I am really drawn to are from restoration hardware, they are preposterously expensive like this one which is my favorite for our space:
Restoration Hardware
then secondly: Restoration Hardware

and a couple others, but they are too costly so I got an idea! Since what Restoration hardware is doing is using very distressed recycled woods, I could use these old wooden boxes I have

So, yesterday I went to Architectural salvage and found some wheels (the top two)
we will make a trip to the Home Depot for a piece of plexi glass for the top, when done we will have a one of a kind repurposed wood coffee table and saved ourselves about a thousand dollars!

And this is a piece I am working on, a repurposed vinyl record, “Brunswick”

There was a couple of different ideas going through my mind as I began working on Brunswick and another album, “Victor” and that was to think of the round disk as a universe and the round circles within planets, by inserting the little figure with wings it occurred to me that it it was the figures personal universe and the central circle a halo around a winged figure, flying through its own space.