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more from the venice garden tours

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

My favorite thing from the Garden Tours was this wall of succulents, just fabulous.


garden wall

Here and there, some interesting architecture. As you might imagine, this home was very light and airy inside.


this home was cool with two levels of stairs and the walkway adjoining rooms was clear glass.


lap pools make sense for the homes in the Venice area since they are so small, which is what is interesting about them. The way that people solve the problem for lack of space. One bungalow was so tiny (many apartments are bigger) at 400 square feet, really only one person could live there. This lap pool is shaded by some very expensive looking palm trees, beautiful.

lap pool

Venice Home and Garden Tours

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Went yesterday to the Home and Garden tours, was so much fun, very inspiring. Here are a few photos.

First, it was a spectacular California day:


Lots of fountains and flowers:


Sweet cozy settings:


Lots of people growing artichokes, these on a rooftop


Lots of colorful outdoor furnishings and eclectic garden objects


This designer, spelled out his name with his coffee cups! He was multitalented and looked like Lenny Kravitz :b


I adored his staghorn wall:


up closer

staghorns 2

Tomorrow I’ll post my fav thing of the 25 homes we saw. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, went by so fast!