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Ten Things They Don’t Teach You in Art School

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Here is today’s *Blog Prompt*

Your MFA won’t open doors of opportunity because there is very little opportunity for an inexperienced artist, and the little there is will be competed for by 100s of other optimistic hopefuls.

All the teaching jobs are taken. You may find a part time gig here and there, but you will need another job to pay the bills and you won’t have time to make art.

It will be 40 years before the tenured profs will leave their spot

If someone asks you, “what do you do?” and you say, I am an artist, they will look at you with a blank expression and glazed over eyes, if they are trying to be polite that is.

If you were me, You could find yourself with a boyfriend at some point in time who claims you love art more than he (which may be true) and proceeds to tell YOU what “REAL” art is.

You will have to work harder and be more organized than an engineer, but nobody will believe it, and will ask about your back up plan, ie, when will you get a real job.

You will need a back up plan.

your professor was SERIOUS when he told you to marry a rich man.

People, charities and organizations, will constantly solicit you for art donations. They want free stuff, but would never dream of asking a plumber for his/her free skill.

On average, it will be about ten years before a reputable gallery will give you a solo show, if that ever happens.

You may end up digging ditches so you can paint on the weekends.

You won’t survive on pure “talent”. You will have to smooze and network and socialize, because, a lot of it, is who you know. And, this should be done before thirty years old, because galleries are always looking for fresh, new blood.

You won’t be wearing Versace, or Gucci or Poochie or Valentino! Jimmy choos? hahahahah!

Internet. If you are as old as I am, you did your term papers in college on a type writer. You will have to learn how to work a computer, long after you graduate. (The internet has taken the lock hold from galleries and museums and made it possible for artists to put their art careers in their own hands).

Your sister will tell you, “you have already played the tortured artist, now what are you going to do?” ~~Just to torture you a little bit more :b

You may find yourself asking yourself, shall I buy art supplies or health insurance?

You may find yourself making doodads like this to sell for a few extra bucks:

The list is more than ten, but I believe there is more, can you add to the list my artist friend?

*EDIT* From artist and friend Lelainia Lloyd:
-When you show your mil your published work she says “That’s nice.”

-When you show your husband your work, he holds it upside down to look at it.

-People who aren’t willing to do the work try and pump you for access your contacts and connections and then once they’re finished with you, piss off into the wind.

-Endless random people will try and get you to put ad space for their product, religion, etc. on your ART blog.

-There will always be someone you thought was your friend, who becomes uncomfortably jealous of you and in the end stabs you in the back.
That said, I revert to this posted earlier in the year:


I claim independence from negative thoughts and self-criticism and the need to compare myself to others instead of focusing on how to be the best at what I do.

I claim independence from the judgments of others. I will not be diminished by those who seek to make me feel small or limit my ability to truly shine.

I claim independence from the unyielding desire for the approval of others at a cost to my personal well-being and sense of purpose..

I claim independence from the fear and doubt that keeps me from creating my most beautiful and most powerful work.

I claim independence from a life of struggle and difficulty. Instead, I choose optimism, success, and possibility.