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“Contained” for Kaleid Gallery

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Kaleid Gallery (San Jose, Ca) invited me to participate in their “Exquisite Corpse” exhibit opening July 14th. I was assigned to do a torso. We were also given specific parameters for the type of paper and dimensions. Since I do not have the proper brushes to do a water color in my typical low brow style I decided to do a mixed media somewhat abstract. 😀 I started out doing a drawing with prismacolor pencils, one of my favorite tools but given the size of the paper and time constraints I ditched my first efforts, I did cut it up into bits and pieces for some future endeavor 😀

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and their website.

In other news I finally saw our neighbor the peacock! Stunning! I could not get a good close up of the plumage but you can still see enough…

Also, we made a visit to the Santa Barbara Botanical gardens and I couldn’t resist photographing one of my fav flowers, gigantic white poppies, I will be planting some!

I so adore this poppy!


Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I bought a juicer a few months back but find that most raw veggie juice almost makes me want to puke, I def have to have carrots or a green apple in the mix just to get it down. any body else juice? have a palatable recipe? I really want to learn to like it, all those raw veggies are so healthy…

spent nearly all day going through film and slides, I bought a slide and film converter, its fun seeing things or events I had completely forgotten about. And fun seeing old photos of my boy when he was but a babe.

Here are a few watercolors from my watercolor phase quite a while back. I was very much into fashion and Vogue magazine, these reflect that I think. This first one is one of my favorites and I do not know what happened to it. These were done on very large sheets of paper.


move out of my way!

water 3